Soular. Frequently asked questions about planning your wedding, corporate event, private party or special event

Soular can assist you in planning your wedding, corporate event, private party or special event

Does the Soular band come in different sizes and instrumentation?

Yes and Yes. The Soular band can perform as a 6-piece band all the way up to a 14-piece orchestra. We can customize our line-up to meet your personal preferences and needs. Our most popular lineup is the 9-piece band that includes: 3 singers, saxophone, trumpet, bass, drums, guitar and keyboards.

Does Soular have a second or third band that performs under the same name?

There is only one Soular! We are often imitated but never duplicated. We believe in providing only the highest quality of entertainment for your event. The world-class singers and musicians of Soular have been working together as a unit for years to provide you with a unique high energy performance. Our dynamic entertainers excel in professionalism, experience and most importantly showmanship with lots of personality. We believe you deserve the best... don't you?

How far in advance do you need to book Soular?

Depending on our availability Soular can be booked with less than a weeks notice to over 18 months in advance. We recommend to contacting Soular early as possible in the planning process.

Soular can assist you in planning your wedding, corporate event, private party or special event

Do you work with wedding planners/ event coordinators?

All the time. We work with some of the best wedding planners and event coordinators in North America on a regular basis and have a great working relationship together.

What styles of music do you play?

Inspired by the classic sounds of Motown, Soul, R&B, Pop, Rock, Dance Music and Top 40, Soular performs all your favourite songs with a passion and energy that moves people to hit the dance floor and "dance to the music".
Click here for Soular's repertoire.

Can you play my first dance song or a special dedication dance?

We would love to. You have the option of having the band perform the song live or having the DJ play the original recorded version.

Can you play a Hora?

We play a great Hora! Keep in kind that is important to choose the right sized line-up and instrumentation to play a Hora. We happily share our years of experience with you to give you the best results.

Soular can assist you in planning your wedding, corporate event, private party or special event

Does Soular take requests during the party?

Yes we do. One of the great advantages of working with a real band that has years of experience as a core unit is their giant repertoire. If we get a request during the party and we know the song, we will play it. We accept requests from our repertoire list 2 weeks prior to the event.

What happens during band breaks?

We work with a top-notch professional club DJ that plays in between all our breaks. The DJ makes sure that your party does not miss a beat and keeps on rockin'. The transition between the band and DJ is a seamless flow with no dead air. We encourage you to give the DJ requests in advance to customize your event. The DJ will play the appropriate music at the appropriate time.

Can you provide live music for the ceremony?

Yes. We can provide a variety of ensembles from classical string ensembles, flute/harp duos, guitar/piano duos and many other options. The music styles can range from popular music, jazz, classical, show tunes, traditional Jewish etc... Give us a call and let's discuss.

Can you provide live music for the cocktail reception?

Yes. We can provide a duo or trio to perform jazz or popular music for your cocktail reception.

What is the payment schedule?

A deposit is given with the signed contract and the remainder is due 1 week prior to the event. The deposit is non-refundable.

Soular can assist you in planning your wedding, corporate event, private party or special event

What is the bands attire?

Soular takes great pride in not only sounding great but also looking fabulous! The band members are sharply dressed to impress and will fit right into your event. Please advise us in advance of any special theme or requests.

Can we borrow a microphone for speeches at our reception?

Most event venues have a basic sound system installed for general speech, but we have come across a few with systems that are not functional or not up to the task. We offer a wide range of solutions including strategically placed speakers with wireless microphones and a clear Plexi-glass podium for a crisp, clean look in photographs and on video. We will assist you in making sure that all you A/V needs are met.

Soular can assist you in planning your wedding, corporate event, private party or special event

What if we need a sound system for our Ceremony? Can you help?

Of course! We can provide a sound system for your ceremony whether it's in the same room, across the hall or in some cases across town! We include wireless microphones to keep walkways clear & safe for those walking down the aisle, and we will gladly organize all of these details with your coordinator to ensure that it's worry-free come "the big day". We also offer wireless décor lighting for when you want a unique look.

I've heard that bands can be loud - what about the volume?

Soular designs reliability and performance into each event by using our state-of-the-art sound system and lights with the best components in the industry. Our audio engineer is the most experienced member of our team with over 15 years experience in the event production business. The audio engineers main priority is to provide a balanced mix of the band and to ensure a comfortable listening level so that all of your guests have a great experience. We pride ourselves on playing the right genre of music at the appropriate time, at the appropriate volume level.

Will the band or DJ play overtime if requested?

Of course. The bandleader will be happy to discuss your overtime options if the party is still rockin'. Our overtime rates are in our contract for both the band and the DJ.

Do You Travel?

Yes. Soular is based in the Greater Toronto Area but we have performed all south-central Ontario, cottage country, Quebec and the US. We are always up for another adventure so let's talk. Additional fees for transportation, accommodation and hospitality will all be discussed during the negotiations.

Does Soular have liability insurance?

Yes Soular is fully insured and so is our Audio/Visual team.

If we don't get the DJ can we plug in an Ipod for breaks?

Yes you can. We have the adapters needed.

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